Официальный сайт Алексея Баюкова - Texts http://bayukov.ru/taxonomy/term/150/0 ru Green: More Than Just a Color http://bayukov.ru/english/texts/green-more-just-a-color <p>Green is an important color in nature. It is the color of grass and the leaves on trees. It is also the color of most growing plants. </p> <p>Sometimes, the word green means young, fresh and growing. Sometimes, it <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/d#describe"><b>describes</b></a> something that is not yet <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/r#ripe"><b>ripe</b></a> or finished. </p> <p>For example, a <b>greenhorn</b> is someone who has no <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/e#experience"><b>experience</b></a>, who is new to a situation. In the fifteenth <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/c#century"><b>century</b></a>, a greenhorn was a young cow or ox whose horns had not yet <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/d#develop"><b>developed</b></a>. A century or so later, a greenhorn was a soldier who had not yet had any <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/e#experience"><b>experience</b></a> in battle. By the eighteenth century, a greenhorn had the meaning it has today - a person who is new in a job. </p> <p>About one hundred years ago, greenhorn was a popular <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/e#express"><b>expression</b></a> in the American west. Old-timers used it to <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/d#describe"><b>describe</b></a> a man who had just arrived from one of the big cities back east. The greenhorn <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/l#lack"><b>lacked</b></a> the <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/s#skill"><b>skills</b></a> he would need to live in the hard, <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/r#rough"><b>rough</b></a> country.</p> <p>Someone who has the ability to grow plants well is said to have a green <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/t#thumb"><b>thumb</b></a>. The <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/e#express"><b>expression</b></a> <b><font color="GREEN">comes from</font></b> the early nineteen hundreds.<br /> A person with <b><font color="GREEN">a green thumb</font></b> seems to have a magic touch that makes plants grow quickly and well. You might say that the woman <b><font color="GREEN">next door</font></b> has a green thumb if her garden continues to grow long after your plants have died. </p> <p>The <b>Green Revolution</b> is the name given some years ago to the <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/d#develop"><b>development</b></a> of new kinds of rice and other <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/g#grain"><b>grains</b></a>. The new plants produced much larger <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/c#crop"><b>crops</b> </a>. The Green Revolution was the result of hard work by <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/a#agriculture"><b>agricultural</b></a> scientists who had green <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/t#thumb"><b>thumbs</b></a>. </p> <p>Green is also the color used to <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/d#describe"><b>describe</b></a> the powerful emotion, <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/j#jelous"><b>jealousy</b></a>. <b><font color="GREEN">The green-eyed monster</font></b> is not a <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/f#fright"><b>frightening</b></a> creature from outer space. It is an <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/e#express"><b>expression</b></a> used about four hundred years ago by British writer William Shakespeare in his play "Othello."</p> <p>It <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/d#describe"><b>describes</b></a> the unpleasant feeling a person has when someone has something he wants. A young man may <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/s#suffer"><b>suffer</b></a> from the green-eyed monster if his girlfriend begins <b><font color="GREEN">going out</font></b> with someone else. Or, that green-eyed monster may <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/a#affect"><b>affect</b></a> your friend if you get a pay <a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/words/4/r#raise"><b>raise</b></a> and she does not. </p> <p>In most places in the world, a green light is a signal to <b><font color="GREEN">move ahead</font></b>. A green light on a <a href=" http://bayukov.ru/english/words/5/t#traffic"><b>traffic</b></a> signal means your car can <b><font color="GREEN">continue on</font></b>. In everyday speech, <b>a green light</b> means approval to continue with a project. We want you to know we have a green light to continue this series next week. </p> <p><b><font color="GREEN">comes from</font></b> приходить из (употребляется в настоящем времени).</p> <p><b><font color="GREEN">going out</font></b> выходить. </p> <p><b><font color="GREEN">move ahead</font></b> продвигаться, двигаться вперед.</p> <p><b><font color="GREEN">continue on</font></b> продолжать. </p> <p><a href="http://bayukov.ru/english/texts/green-more-just-a-color" target="_blank">читать дальше</a></p> http://bayukov.ru/english/texts/green-more-just-a-color#comments Texts Mon, 17 Aug 2009 07:39:11 +0000 white 363 at http://bayukov.ru