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BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Where Are We Going From Here

On a long road, miles to go
It's winding and cold and it's covered with snow
But I ask you what we all want to know
Where are we going from here...

Lines on my face, lines on my hands
Lead to a future I don't understand
Some things don't go as they're planned...
Where are we going from here...

Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time
Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme
We lose our way, trying to find
Searching to find our way home...
Trying to find our way home...

As the day dies, with tears in our eyes
There's too few hellos and too many goodbyes
Silence answers our cries...where are we going from here...

We're all on this road, with miles to go
Braving new pathways into the unknown
But who do you ask, when no one really knows
Where we are going from here.

tracing the trails идя по следам.

to brave something смело идти на встречу с чем-либо.

riddle n загадка - to ask somebody a riddle загадать кому-л загадку; to solve a riddle отгадать загадку.

rhyme n рифма, стихи - nursery rhymes детские стишки; in rhyme в стихах.

path n n дорожка, тропинка - a path through the woods лесная тропинка; pathway тропа, путь

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